“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard

One of the biggest stumbling blocks, the killer of dreams and the sure fire way to make sure, you keep yourself stuck is to try going it alone.
Isolation can shrivel up even the most passionate idea and yet, somehow, the idea persists that being a “lone wolf” is admirable, honourable and even spiritual!
That, my friends just isn’t so…

Do you know what happens to a real lone wolf?

That’s right, they die mostly…They are pack animals, being removed from the pack is not good!
It’s a dangerous path.  A lone wolf is more vulnerable to predators,  will have to travel farther and longer to find food, will have to try and find a new pack or slink back to the old one.  It’s a life of hard survival, day in and day out and it’s lonely.

We need our tribe, our like minded folk, our people! I have a friend who is always getting text messages and one day I teased her and said,
” Hey you, get off yer phone!” She said, “Hey! I have people!”.  Yes! People ! People who need people! That’s us! We need each other, we need our tribe.
Especially, if we are about to embark on a path that is about a long held dream that we are finally taking brave steps to fulfil!
Like the lone wolf, we are more vulnerable to predatory thoughts and worldly indifference.
Nourishing our dreams takes more effort, we can easily go into survival mode and quickly lose our brave, bright ideas to the comfort of the familiar.

If you have a dream? Do not go it alone. Do not try to figure it all out by yourself. Do not huddle it close and end up smothering the very thing you so want to bring to life.

In fact, to really stop romanticising the notion that your dream can only happen if you bootstrap it all by yourself, the very first connection  you must make is to your own thoughts! Yes!

Where are your thoughts taking you? Do you think it’s a weakness to ask for help? Do you think you have to know everything already? What are your thoughts doing? Do they support you or de-rail you?

Here is the secret to non starter thoughts designed to keep you small, isolated and stuck…ready?

You can change your thoughts! Yes! It’s a miracle!

Listen, it took me a long time to figure this out! (I know you are much more clever then I am…)  but for me this was a revelation.The powerful knowledge that I have complete power over my thoughts and subsequently my feelings has changed my life!
So, I know first hand, if you want to bust open the lone wolf syndrome, begin by recognizing that by opening the door to better feeling thoughts that are inclusive will free you.

Next, find a group to connect with, find your people! Read books by people who have walked the path you want to walk in, immerse yourself in the world, connect, connect, connect and keep finding new ways to keep yourself our of isolation and in inclusion, your dreams will begin to thrive!


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