Is Intuition a Skill or a Talent?

“If you can learn it, it’s a skill.

 If it’s important, but innate, it’s a talent.”

 Seth Godin


Here is what I know.  


Everyone is intuitive, just like singing, we can all sing.

Some of us sing Opera and some of us can’t hold a note, but we can all sing.

So, some of us have innate intuitive talents meant to be used directly for the benefit of all, and all of us have intuition to be used for the benefit of a life well lived, which will then benefit all.


That means that intuition is a skill and can be learned.

Learning the skill of intuition means your world will absolutely expand and blossom.

It will give your life depth, clarity, purpose and connect you to life in ways  you just can’t fathom until you experience it for yourself.

Cultivate your intuition. Open your life.



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