“I am a trained therapist and for me, the gift of your intuitive abilities together with your counseling skills is a powerful one. Your intuitive abilities open up a pathway towards consciousness and the skill in how you communicate creates the space for meaning making that is non prescriptive and healing.”



“Seeking and engendering wisdom and purpose, Elizabeth’s awareness is contagiously intelligent and respectfuL.  The amazing number of lifetime friends surrounding speaks to Elizabeth’s ethical principles and the lightness and joy she inspires in others. You will be infected my her MINDFULNESS”

Sandra Fisher


“Elizabeth is intuitive, compassionate, playful, uplifting and insightful. She is all about creativity, integrity and empowerment. I whole heartedly endorse her coaching and workshops.” 

Tara Crofton

“Elizabeth is the real deal! A composite professional in all her work and dealings with clients. Always there to encourage and support others with her years of expert insight. Someone you want on your team!”

 Terry Hayes

“Elizabeth is a very gifted writer and an empathic listener. She has developed a life-coaching practice which is based on her unique ability to listen and intuit her clients’ goals and their life experiences. She offers to each client, meaningful and worthwhile direction and information. I am very glad to have known Elizabeth’s heartfelt, insightful, and gentle work.” 

Dale Adams Segal

“Elizabeth is an amazing intuitive. That’s how I first came to know her. She brings a profound spiritual presence to all she does and my time spent with her is always valuable. I’ve only recently come to know that she’s also a gifted writer! I highly recommend Elizabeth to those who are seeking direction in their lives that will enhance their personal growth and well being!”

Carrie Hunter




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