Hi, I’m Elizabeth,

I’m a writer, a writing teacher, a soul intuitive and soul coach. I’m the author of ” I Write Because I Can,” and a definite work in progress.

What I Believe

I believe we run deep.

I believe we are naturally intuitive, creative, and connected to a cosmic field that is bigger than we can imagine. I call this field, “The Good”.

I believe this field is a consciousness, a state of big love and peace beyond peace. I believe this energy flows through us, animating our physical bodies, that we are living embodiments of souls in action.

I believe we have original and interesting things to say and do in this world, that we have lovely generous, wild hearts that are yearning for connection. We want to be seen and heard for who we are, to tell the truth about how we feel inside, and what we know in our core.

We just want to be ourselves.

Me too.

I know this feeling well because I spent most of my adult life trying to turn myself into something I wasn’t. Trauma and shame meant that I spent most of my adult life running, fighting, being frozen, and way too much time people-pleasing.

That was then. This is now.

Today my life is about expressing my creativity through words. Using my intuitive gifts and experiences to help people like me grow their souls.

People who want to live without apology, who are tired of disguising their authentic selves, of holding back, pretending not to feel what they are feeling. Keeping silent to keep the peace. Weary of trying to be all things to all people, who listen to everyone but themselves. People who are afraid to meet themselves on the road and, do it anyway. Creative people who want to feed the fire of their creativity and nourish the courage and truth within, who are willing to own their messy, complicated lives, come home to themselves aligned with their wild hearts and souls.

I am so thrilled that you have found your way to my site, welcome, welcome, welcome… Namaste

Soul Sessions

I’m a fourth-generation intuitive and, since 1987, the first to be out in the world using my intuitive gifts and knowledge.


Write With Me

To tell the truth about how you feel, what you know and what your soul knows to be true?


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Happy Clients

“I am a trained therapist, and for me, the gift of your intuitive abilities together with your counseling skills is a powerful one. Your intuitive abilities open up a pathway towards consciousness, and the skill in how you communicate creates the space for meaning-making that is non-prescriptive and healing.”


“Seeking and engendering wisdom and purpose, Elizabeth’s awareness is contagious, intelligent and respectfuL.  The amazing number of lifetime friends surrounding speaks to Elizabeth’s ethical principles and the lightness and joy she inspires in others. Her MINDFULNESS will infect you.”

Sandra Fisher

“Elizabeth is intuitive, compassionate, playful, uplifting and insightful. She is all about creativity, integrity and empowerment. I wholeheartedly endorse her coaching and workshops.”

Tara Crofton