My name is Elizabeth H Adams

My name is Elizabeth Adams, and I’ve spent most of my adult life seeking permission to be me. So relieved those days are fading in the rearview mirror.

I’m a writer, a writing teacher, a working intuitive, a soul coach, an author and…a work in progress. I hold a Ph.D. in the school of hard knocks, wrong turns, sketchy decisions, trauma-informed choices, starting over and never giving up. It’s been quite a ride so far and my inquiring mind is excited to see what is next.

I’m A Writer

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can find posts called ” I Write Because I Can” under the “my thirsty heart” page on Instagram and Facebook. Although it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, I also write a blog. I  sometimes post on Medium, and, I’m the author of “I Write Because I Can, notes on grief, loss and life.” Check out my Instagram posts and blog here on my site and my book is now available in ebook form and in paperback at Amazon, Indigo and Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Book Depository and Apple Books.


Who I Am

I am a Writer

I am a Teacher


I'm An Intuitive and A Soul Coach

I’m A Writing Teacher

I’m a Certified Wild Writing Teacher under Laurie Wagner and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Laurie’s Wild Writing classes gave me permission to be myself on the page and Wild Writing Teacher Training gave me tools to help others do the same.

Learn more about the “Thirsty Heart Writing Circles” and check out my other classes, “Scones Tea and Words” or “Fun With Words” on the “Write With Me” page!

I’m An Intuitive and A Soul Coach

For over 35 years, I’ve been using my intuition to help people navigate self-discovery and spiritual growth. Intuitive work is how I’ve made my way in the world since 1987, with a few odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. I live my life with a foot in the non-physical and a foot in the physical, and I also happen to be a fourth-generation intuitive. The art of reading tea leaves was handed down from my great grandfather to my grandmother, to my father and then to me. As far as I know, I’m the first one to be out and about in the world as a working intuitive.

For years, I toured with a group called “Psychic Circle,” working in malls all over the lower mainland of Vancouver, and Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. Lots of people could not fathom how we could work in an environment designed to part people from their money. Still, I always felt we were jewels hiding in plain sight—bringing hope, providing comfort and sharing knowledge in the most unlikely of places. 

I have about 50 teacups. Some are mine, some are my mother’s, and some are from both my grandmother’s. I used to go to people’s houses, bring my teacups and tea in a basket. I’d give a little talk about the history of tea and tea leaf reading while people drank their tea, and then I’d read everyone’s teacups. Sometimes I can read people’s minds, but never on purpose. I also see Angels everywhere with my clairvoyant eye. Even though we can’t always see them, they are real. Sometimes they show up with wings, and sometimes they don’t, but they are always with us!

I’ve also read at events, private parties, individuals, for groups large and small. I’ve been on the radio and T.V. I currently read in two metaphysical bookstores in Edmonton, AB. a few days a week, as well as booking private sessions over the phone.  I’ve read famous people and people who are not famous. I’ve channelled, read teacups, taught classes in developing intuition and how to talk to Angels and more. Also, I know and have used reiki, hands-on healing, metamorphosis healing, shamanic healing, eidetic imagery, one brain integration, you name it, I’ve probably done it.

Plus, I’ve trained as a meaning coach, a creativity coach under Eric Maisel, and became a Wild Writing Certified Teacher under Laurie Wagner.

Other Fun Facts

I love to bake. It always makes me happy no matter what.

I’ll read a book a day if left to my own devices, and I’ve been known to walk and read at the same time. Along busy highways, over bridges, nose in a book. I always have three or four books on the go at any given time. Library books, audio, kindle. Books are everything.

I was head of the dance committee in high school, and my friend was the class president. In grade 12, we hired “Heart” for the last dance, just as they became famous.

My favourite colour is raspberry red.

In the 70’s I was a disco queen. I won a few local dance contests, and somewhere there’s a T.V. segment with a group of us doing the “Car Wash” and “The Hustle.”

I met the love of my life right before I turned 50. He is a retired firefighter, his name is Pete, and he has five kids and 10 grandkids. And that is how I’ve come to be known as Grandma. A neat trick for an only child with no kids of her own.

I’m originally from Vancouver, BC, and the ocean is in my bones. These days I live happily in Edmonton, Alberta, with Pete and our highly sensitive dog Arrow, who likes to think he’s the boss. (Don’t tell him, but he might be right.)