Soul Sessions

People have often described what I do as Soul Therapy, and although I’m definitely not a therapist, that somehow feels about right. I’m straightforward. I try to be kind. I’m honest. If I don’t know, I don’t know. I have strong ethics about privacy, and I’m here for you, one hundred percent. Our time together is all about you.

My feeling is that If I can give you insight and support to help you along in your life’s journey, and help you align with your soul’s highest path, then I’ve done my job. I’ve been helping people for over 35 years from all walks of life and circumstances in personal self-discovery and spiritual growth and I’m happy to say I’ve learned a thing or two along the way!

Some Things About Me

I am in service to and for the highest good. My life is anchored in service all day, every day according to the divine will of “The Good”.

I do my best to live by the tenants of kindness, compassion, humility, respect and love for myself and for others.

I live my life with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the non-physical world. My life often feels like a living bridge between those worlds, and I’m grateful to share what I know and have experienced, so we can all live an informed, aligned and soul-connected life.

How It Works

We schedule your appointment; you call me at our agreed time. Sessions are over the phone or Zoom. Please don’t tell me anything in advance. I like to start from scratch! Once we are settled, I tune in to you, kind of like tuning into a radio station. I think of it as tuning into your frequency. As soon as I’m ready, I’ll start talking and about halfway through; we can get into questions or areas you want to focus on in your life.

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaugustant and clairsalient. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look up what they mean. It would take way too long to describe them all!

While I operate from a place of common sense, I do see Angels, spirit guides and what I call celestial guides. As well I often see animal spirit guides and often your own higher self. Occasionally I see a past life, but only if it has a bearing on this life.

I also see blind spots that you may not be aware of and possible blocks that prevent you from moving forward in your life. Although I won’t invade the privacy of the people in your life, I can help you understand your relationships and why things are the way they are. I also see and communicate with people who have passed, although I am not strictly a medium, and of course, I’m not in charge of who will show up and who won’t. I’m not a fortune teller however, I am able to see possibilities for the future. What comes to me comes to me!

Kind Words

“I am a trained therapist, and for me, the gift of your intuitive abilities together with your counselling skills is a powerful one. Your intuitive abilities open up a pathway towards consciousness, and the skill in how you communicate creates the space for meaning-making that is non-prescriptive and healing.” GM

“Seeking and engendering wisdom and purpose, Elizabeth’s awareness is contagiously intelligent and respectful. The amazing number of lifetime friends surrounding speaks to Elizabeth’s ethical principles and the lightness and joy she inspires in others. Her MINDFULNESS will infect you.” Sandra Fisher

“Elizabeth is a very gifted writer and an empathic listener. She has developed a life-coaching practise based on her unique ability to listen and intuit her clients’ goals and life experiences. She offers to each client, meaningful and worthwhile direction and information. I am very glad to have known Elizabeth’s heartfelt, insightful, and gentle work.” Dale Adams Segal



All sessions are by phone, MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME ZONE. (Please check your time zone for any differences.)

I am currently booking by email at:

Sessions are pre-paid with PayPal or through e-transfer.


(Please note in case of cancellation or a no-show, we cannot offer refunds. However, we can re-schedule your appointment time, or you can gift someone with your session!

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Ongoing Support or Soul Coaching

In addition to one on one sessions, there are times in life where you could really use ongoing support. When you need an advocate as you navigate the gap between the life you would like to be living and the reality of where you are living now. To help you re-align with your deeper self, to find and claim or re-claim your voice in the world.

Along with my intuitive gifts, I also call on my training as a creativity coach, a life meaning coach and my own lived experiences. I can help identify the blocks standing between you and what you want and can help you uncover some of the ways that hidden resistance is subtly operating in your life. To discover what your deeper self wants you to know.

With gentle, truthful support, I hold a safe space for you as you navigate the changing tides in your life, as well as offer practical tools and exercises.

I believe you are your greatest resource, and it’s my job to provide support to you from the inside out.

Kind Words

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Elizabeth for more than 25 years. I first started working with Elizabeth through intuitive sessions as she helped me through some challenging personal and professional transitions. Over time, we began to work together with a more structured focus through life and career coaching. We continue to connect on a regular basis, and I consider Elizabeth one of my long-time trusted advisors! Elizabeth has a deeply creative, intuitive talent that she combines with a practical focus that has given me support and guidance, presented a different way of seeing the situation and perhaps most important, reflection tools and exercises that have been immensely helpful. She has a wonderful sense of humour that has encouraged me to not take myself or the situation too seriously, and at other times – she has offered a keen directness that has encouraged me to take myself seriously! Over the years – as I have moved halfway across the country and back – we’ve met in person, through telephone sessions and as well email and discussions. Elizabeth has been there when I have transitioned through many different decisions and events – always a consistent and loving intuitive coach. I grateful would recommend Elizabeth for her intuitive and coaching services – for any type of decision, transition or question.” Janet Martin

“I started my coaching sessions with Elizabeth in 2010. It was a dark period in my life, and I needed support, and she was recommended to me by a trusted source. Our sessions started with support for the issues I was facing at that time. Seven years have gone by, and Elizabeth has been my coach, and she has helped me through loss of a relationship, loss of a job, a move across country, finding my purpose, breakdowns during the transitions, learning to forgive myself and others, and most of all helping me be true to myself and my aspirations. Elizabeth has helped me see my true values by loving myself and making self-care a priority in my life. I could not have done this transformation of self without her support.”

Shideh Korasheh

“I bring you my questions, the things that confuse me, scare me or that I found confounding. You provide a compassionate, earthy and playful take on my experience in a way that helps me grow. Our conversations organize my thoughts and feelings in order to be present with life. I feel understood by you. While it’s not therapy, our conversations feel therapeutic. You offer a transpersonal perspective that helps me know myself as I exist within a larger context, while at the same time, your humour keeps me grounded and joyful. I find it reassuring to feel seen in this way. I am reminded that I’m not only my small self but part of a larger whole.

I appreciate the salty irreverence you bring to otherwise abstract concepts and experiences. It nudges me to be playful and not overly attached to outcomes. More and more, I’ve experienced you to anchor yourself in a message of holism and compassion, which has encouraged me to to do the same in moments of stress or confusion. Ultimately, knowing I have someone in the world who I feel understood by and who I can share my vulnerability with, leaves me with a greater sense of security and connection. I have come to know myself and others more deeply and more kindly as a result.”
with gratitude and love


Coaching Basics

All coaching begins with a complimentary discovery conversation from a half-hour to an hour. Then, if we decide to go ahead, I will send out a coaching agreement to be signed and sent back.

We work together for a minimum of three months and ideally for six months to a year. You are serious about your growth, and so am I. It’s my experience that real change doesn’t happen overnight.

I work with a limited number of people because I want to make sure I can give the best I can offer, and that can’t happen if I’ve taken on too much. So once I’ve reached my limit, I can place you on a waiting list for the next available spot.

Once payment has been completed. We’ll set up our times to talk, either over the phone or on Zoom. I will send some questions to jump-start our first call. After each session, I will send a personal note, a bullet point list of main to-dos, and a pre-call check-in form.


Coaching Plans

I don’t have a money tree in the backyard, ( although wouldn’t that be handy!) and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. However, for me, it’s important that coaching is accessible, so the plans are structured for the level you feel works best for you and your budget.

Minimum 3-month commitment required.

Both plans are billed monthly until cancelled.

If money is a stumbling block, tell me and we can figure out a way to make it work.

Based on previous experience, barter does not work for me or ultimately for you. For those reasons,  I no longer barter.

Email me at elizabeth@mythristyheart to book a free discovery call!

Plan A – Basic

$600 / monthly
One 60 minute call
Two 30 minute calls
Text messaging twice a month
Pre-call check-in form

Plan B – Intensive

Four calls a month/Two 60 minute calls/Two 30 Minute calls
Text messaging twice a week and emergency texting if needed
Pre-call check-in form
Action follow up email
Email support