Write With Me

Wouldn’t it be great to just let all your feelings and thoughts just rip?

To tell the truth about how you feel, what you know and what your soul knows to be true? To say whatever you want or need to say without apology, without justification or having to listen or give feedback? To stop hiding, stop being so afraid of being judged? Wouldn’t it be great to let you just be you?

This is what ThirstyHearts Soul Writing on Zoom is all about.

Here we can allow ourselves to set aside the defensive armour we use to hide from the claims of the world, to put down the weight of the vigilance we carry to protect our deep sensitivities.

Show up just as you are, wherever you are, and together we’ll let ourselves loose on the page. You can be a writer or not. It doesn’t matter. There is nothing to prove. We write as fast as we can, bypassing the dreaded inner critic. We aren’t trying to be “good” writers; in fact, we’re going to write as badly as we can to let the truth find its way out. Your story, your voice.

There is no feedback, no critiques. We just write, share, and listen. This is wild, untamed writing. It’s about listening to ourselves and each other. It’s nourishment for the soul and growing your soul through words. It’s deeply transformational. I know this firsthand. Writing into my thirsty heart has changed my life. It’s allowed me to settle deeply into my skin. To be me. To come home to me.

Kind Words

“Elizabeth created a warm and safe space and facilitated expertly. Always gently bringing us back to the security of the boundaries and ground rules. There was comfort and ease in sharing the full spectrum of subjects and emotions with the other participants. It truly was a gift to hear what the others had written, gems that both inspired and opened my heart. It was a kind of archeological dig into the treasure chest of my sleeping memories.

I definitely felt encouraged to shush the voice of my inner censor/critic, unleash my creativity, and express myself freely in the course. It was absolutely wonderful, Elizabeth!” TC

Come Write With Me!

Thirsty Hearts Soul Writing/Winter Circle – Live Over Zoom

4 weeks- 6 people maximum – 1 Hour – $99
Beginning: Wednesday, March 2nd to March 23rd
11:00 AM-Noon MST

How It Works:

We begin with meditation or a light exercise to ease us into the writing groove.

You relax and listen while I read a curated poem or piece and let yourself go with the flow.

Using jump-off lines from the poem or other lines I’ll suggest, we write together for 8-12 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Then we take turns being brave and reading out aloud. Listening with no feedback, no judgement, no need to defend or explain your writing.
We repeat for a total of two (or, if we have time), three poems.

We take a minute to close the circle before we come back into the world.

Wild Soul Writing Isn’t For You If You Want To:

Learn about the craft of writing.

Complete your manuscript.

Get feedback on a writing project.

Wild Soul Writing Is For You If You Want To:

Practice being brave on the page with the added benefit of becoming braver in life.

Meet yourself on the page, even if you are scared about what might show up.

Write about whatever you want without judgement or criticism.

Write and share with a community of women.

Grow your beautiful soul.

Have Questions or Want To Sign Up?

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Thirsty Heart Soul Writing can transform your life. I know because it transforms mine word by word, day by day …

Come Write With Me!

Scones, Tea and Words

I love to bake and what I love to bake the most is my mother’s scones.

I love a good cup of tea, especially if it’s made in a teapot, properly the way I was taught to make a good cup of tea.
I love to write, create, and have fun with words.

So why not put it all together and get together for a few hours of writing, making scones (and eating them) and drinking a nice cup of tea?

How it works.

I will send you the recipe and instructions for my mother’s scones ahead of our class.

We’ll meet on Zoom, and after introductions, I’ll give a fun writing prompt to jump off with, and we’ll write for about 5 mins or so. Then without feedback or commenting, we’ll share and listen and then… we will bake!

I’ll show you step by step how to make my mother’s delicious scones and, while the scones are baking, I’ll give another fun prompt, and we will write again, this time for about 10 -12 minutes, then I’ll show you how I learned to make a good pot of tea and when the scones are done, we’ll take a little break.

When we come back together, we eat our scones, drink our tea, read, share, and listen to what we have written.
I hope you will join me from for a virtual afternoon of fun and bring a friend!

Scones, Tea and Words Over Zoom!

Sunday Afternoon – February 20th/2022

2:00 – 3:30 PM/MST – $59

Want to Book? Email me!


(Class size limited)

Fun With Words

Sometimes it feels hard to jump-start our creative minds. We get stuck, especially if we are trying to create on our own. So let’s not!  Each week over Zoom, join me to experiment with a different way to explore our creative muse through writing, sharing our work and having fun!

4 Weeks – Sunday’s – March 6th- March 27th

11:00 – Noon – Last Class 90 minutes – $99.00

We’ll create without the need to offer feedback or comment or apologize for what we’ve written. Instead, we will share, listen, and enjoy!

Sounds like fun? Want to book? Email me:


(Class Size Limited)

Week 1 – 3 Lines

Poet Maya Stein developed an exciting class using something she calls “Tri- Writing: 3 Lines a Day.” We’ll start off our 4 weeks writing 3 lines from a prompt. It will be a timed write, and afterward, we’ll share and repeat for 2 or 3 times depending on time.

Week 2 – StoryBowl

This is a practice that writers and artists – Laurie Wagner and Andrea Sher, call “StoryBowl.”

In a bowl or container are pieces of paper with words written on them.

Since we are on Zoom and I can’t physically pass the bowl around, I will choose for you. We will “pass” the bowl around until you have enough words to create a sentence, even if it doesn’t make sense. Then, in a timed write, we will use our words to create a poem, story, or whatever comes to us. We’ll share, listen and do it again, as many times as we can!

Week 3 – Clustering

Clustering comes from Gabriele Rico in her book, “Natural Writing.” As a group we’ll decide on a theme we’d like to explore and find a word to represent that theme. On a chalkboard, I’ll write the word inside a circle in the center of the board.

Together we’ll start brainstorming other words to add around our theme word. Once we have all the words we need, we’ll write a piece or a poem. Then we’ll do the same thing individually in a timed session and share!

Week 4 – The Hour Stories

Back in the ’90s my writing teacher, Dale Adams Segal, developed a very clever writing tool called ” The Hour Story Cards” designed to facilitate writing a complete story in just an hour.

Each card is divided into three sections, with a beginning, a middle and an end. We’ll start with me choosing a card from the story card pack. I’ll read out the beginning prompt and we’ll write for twenty minutes. We’ll do that for each section and just like that, we’ll have a complete story!

Want to sign up or learn more? email me at: