Life Notes

by | Feb 29, 2020

1) In my opinion, and nobody is asking, but positivity doesn’t work, not for me anyway. Being real does. I’m learning to accept that whatever my feelings are, they are valid, which is to say, accepting, and acting on the feelings are two different things
The good news is that the more I allow my emotions to be as they are, the less they consume me. Also, if you see me having a moment, be with me, don’t try to cheer me up, or get me out of where I am within myself at that moment. It does not work. It makes everything worse. Instead, stay with me, don’t leave the room, you don’t have to say anything, stay with me, so I’m not alone so that I can feel my way out.

2) Something I need to remember is that I am always becoming. I am not a cake. I will never be “baked.” It’s so draining to live with that idea. If I catch myself lugging that notion around, I try to put it down and do something like having a real slice of cake. (It doesn’t have to involve food, but I do love cake.)

3) Just a random note. I am a psychic. I live in at least three different worlds all at once, all the time. The everyday world of making the bed, walking the dog, cooking dinner, etc. Then there is my inner world, all my reactions, emotions I navigate every day, which are extra, extra heightened because I am that intuitive, highly sensitive person. Then there is the invisible soul world, filled with angels and spirit guides, the direct connection to life that is beyond this physical life. All this to say, I’m not reading you, unless of course, you asked me for a reading, or you are my friend, and I have ongoing, general permission to pitch in my psychic two bits.
So, although I know you are incredibly unusual and exciting, no, I didn’t know what you were going to say, no, I didn’t see you coming, and no, I don’t know what you’re thinking, so best tell me. It saves time.

4) I’ve learned to keep my friends close and to love them the best I can and to keep my enemies far far away from me. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Who has time for that? I mean, really?
Also, namaste, namaste, namaste and thank you, I wish you the best.

5) I’ve come to accept that sometimes good people do horrible things.
Sometimes people look like good people and are not.
Sometimes people look like thugs and are angels in real life.
The point is that I can’t always tell by looking if a person is decent and kind; this is why Intuition is so essential. Although for me, while using my Intuition for other people is a no brainer, using it for myself has been a whole different ballgame.
Luckily, the filters that unknowingly to me blocked my inner navigation system are dissolving. Happy Day!
You could say, “I can see clearly now the clouds have gone; it’s a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.” Moral of the story? Learn from me, unblock your Intuition ASAP.

6) Sometimes a banana is just a banana, unless it isn’t, please see above. Intuition does not lie.

7) I lost my light. I’m doing everything in my power to take it back, and it’s working. I need all my creativity, passion, and inner wildness I can get. If you feel you too have lost your light, take heart, you can take it back again. It’s waiting for you.

8) I’ve been someone who has come late to the table as far as understanding the importance of boundaries.
Now I know. I set my boundaries. I’m allowed to say no and not feel guilty. Anything that doesn’t align with my life is toast. For me, the unexamined and unfelt life is hollow and has no substance.
I create substance. Boundaries help me to do that. Love those boundaries!

9) I have a soul. I am a soul. It is my authentic self. Everything I do leaves an imprint on my soul for this life and for always.
My choices matter. I matter. So I do the right thing even if it’s hard for now, my soul thanks me.

10) I don’t give up. I’ve learned to be a friend to myself. I persevere. If one way doesn’t work, I find another way. I keep going. One step at a time, even when things feel hopeless. In this, I practice the habit of not judging myself. Which means I am less judgemental all around.

11) When I am in the wrong, I accept it. I own up. I apologize and move on. It’s incredibly freeing.

12) I deliberately look for the good when I have exhausted the pain, but you can’t push the river, move too fast, and the pain whatever it is, comes back even worse than before, first things first.

Like Life.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Adams

There is so much I have to share, it is my fervant desire that you will find someting in my work that might ease your path, enlighten your day.