More Covid-19 Thoughts

by | Apr 2, 2020

Life is pretty surreal right now as we adjust to this very different world that is emerging,  I thought I’d share what I’ve discovered along the way so far.  It might resonate and help you too.
It’s important to make sure I connect with family and friends, either by phone, online or in-person, ( six feet away of course).
I’m finding that the enormity of what is transpiring and the changing nature of it creeps up on me.
It’s so huge, it’s hard to take it all in, we’ve never experienced the world in this way before. I’ve gone through lots of different feelings,  fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, boredom, sometimes all in the same day!

Don’t be surprised if deeper issues come up, mine did and it took me a little by surprise. I had no idea that the fallout from the pandemic was affecting me until I did.
Most days are fine, but I would make sure you have or find support, it’s not the time to decide to white knuckle it, if you need help, ask for help.
I also found I was feeling more tired than usual, and learned that it’s the body’s way of managing trauma, it’s ok to rest, our bodies know what it needs.

I can be hard on myself, so I’ve been actively remembering to ease up, to be kind to myself, to remember that sometimes I need more love not less.
I also try not to watch the news too often. Really I only need to see it once a day, it can trigger anxiety sometimes and I have enough of that right now, I don’t need more!

The other thing I’ve discovered is that my creative life is absolutely essential to my well being.
I’m writing, meditating, doing online yoga, writing poems, baking, cooking, learning how to make origami cranes for a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
A friend of mine is even taking an online singing class!
Of course, I also do absolutely nothing, and this is good too.

I’d also say that one of the most powerful things I’m doing right now is praying.
As writer Anne Lamott says, prayer can be as simple as saying “help!” I like that, simple but effective.
Anne Lamott also tweeted this today,
“If one more person tells me to “BREATHE” today, I’m going to throw myself off the couch!
I get it!  Sometimes I don’t even want to talk to anyone, it’s just me and my youtube “Bon Appetit” test kitchen videos, song parodies and I’m good.

I’m trying to use my common sense, to take care of my whole self, not just my physical body, meaning I’ve realized it’s not a time to push, to get a bunch of stuff done.
It’s a time to move inward, to be with myself however I am at the moment.

I’ve been thinking that it’s so interesting, that despite everything, it’s clear that while we are physically separated, we are not alone, people all over the world are experiencing the exact same thing as you and me.
It’s truly a small world after all, (couldn’t resist, had to say it)
This will not last forever, it will shift.  We will find our way through and it will be alright. We will come out on the other side and I will meet you there, and here, we are in this together.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Adams

There is so much I have to share, it is my fervant desire that you will find someting in my work that might ease your path, enlighten your day.